Board Meeting Facilitation

Last week I was afforded a very fine opportunity to sit in on the SGMP New England Chapter Board of Directors meeting as they carefully planned their budget, programming, and major assignments for the next fiscal year.  Although I am not the SGMP Board liaison to this chapter, I was asked to be a part of their meeting because their budgetary concerns, and presumably because I was familiar with the marketplace having worked my first five years in Boston, and finally, because the New England Chapter was a spinoff of the National Capital Chapter from where I herald.

The meeting took place at the Sheraton Boston in the city’s acclaimed Back Bay.  I facilitated much of the meeting, leading portions in both the morning and in the afternoon.  The team seemed extremely grateful for my input, direction and advice and I was wonderfully impressed with their own preparedness for the meeting.  This is a team anxious to push their nascent chapter to the next level, grow their membership, expand their programming, and cultivate volunteers and future leaders.  The incoming board has the right amount of gusto and know how to do it.  I’m eager, especially now having been a small part of their planning, to see how the chapter shapes itself in the years to come.

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