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The Flu

I’m good with colds.  They hit me just a few times a year, they hit me rather hard, but usually for no longer than one or two bad days, and then I’m good to go.  It’s a real bummer to get cold symptoms when having a near 1-yr old running around the house, because the […]

Long Beach

I’ve never been the most active FAM tour participant in the third party world but I’ve certainly accepted my fair share of invitations over the last seven years. This past week I was afforded an opportunity impossible to pass up – a FAM tour invitation to Long Beach, CA, a city I’ve booked before but […]

Seven Magnificent Years

I was employed by Millennium Hotels from 1998-2003.  I was employed by Kimpton Hotels from 2003-2007.  How is it that in a blink of an eye, I’ve now been self employed longer than either of my previous tenures.  On April Fool’s Day 2007 I began a venture which has now brought me seven years of […]

Full Time Job?

My wife is some kind of super hero.  She would have to be.  I left on Friday, March 7th for two nights – two weekend nights – the nights that I am usually able to break her of her full time service to our son – for a business trip.  I then returned on a […]

Sheraton Suites Old Town

Last week I spent several nights at the Sheraton Suites Old Town, a hotel just a few blocks the core of the Old Town Historic District, and which lays very much under the radar.  It’s an affordable, comfortable, and business friendly place to lay one’s head.  Close to shops and dining, but not in the […]

Partners in Education Conference

I had the great fortune of spending the last few days in Houston, TX with a group of stellar industry professional who put on the PIE Conference – the 2014 SGMP Region V Partners In Education Conference.  It’s a hard enough task at present to get attendees excited about government meetings when the industry still […]

Time Change

Words of advice from someone whom I believe to be a savvy business traveler.  Me.  Don’t travel one time zone away from your home station on the weekend that you’re to switch the clocks an hour for Daylight Saving Time.  On my last trip to Houston, I experienced a humbling feeling of helplessness on Sunday […]

Embassy Suites Baltimore

This marked my second visit to the Embassy Suites brand in two months with the last one being Washington.  And this, following a blog post about hotel value could not be timed more appropriately.  Embassy Suites is indeed a respected leader in the hospitality community when it comes to value with their fantastic cooked to […]

Hotel Value Irony

It’s like those AT&T commercials where the grown-up is sitting around the table with a bunch of youngsters and getting them to share their opinion on a variety of topics.  What if the topic of hotel value was posed to these kids?  How is it that these kids would be able to rationalize the most […]

Hyatt Bethesda

Another trip to DC for me with time away from my family, and another Winter storm.  That’s how this season has been working for us.  On this trip to DC I would spend just as much time trying to get out as I would there.  It was only a two night trip to begin with, […]