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Telephone versus Email Correspondence

This could be generational, but in the same way that it’s no longer optional for hotels to exercise green practices, it’s no longer optional for hotels to embrace email as a preferred method of communication.  I understand the hesitation – there’s a fear that a true personal connection is lost when communicating exclusively by email.  […]

How Smell Can Affect Buying Decisions

Westins have mastered it.  I can smell a Westin a mile away.  And the Wynn Las Vegas?  I liked the scent in their lobby so much, that I would routinely invent things to inquire with their concierge just to spend extra time there.  I so much as purchased their scent (Asian Rain incidentally) in an […]

Junior Sales Managers Given Government Market

Outside of the Washington, DC area, I’ve found it a common mistake that hotels make – sticking the government market to their newest, greenest sales manager.  I know full well this strategy as I was the beneficiary of such a decision back in 2001 when new and green were my middle names.  The decision here […]

Why Hotels Should Never Offer Below Per Diem

First, a little background on how federal per diem rates are derived each year, in simple terms.  Contrary to popular belief, there is no dart board at GSA – there is actually a refined science to the creation of per diem rates each year, and hotels have a lot more control over the rates than […]