Info Email Address Useless

From time to time I take the opportunity to use my blog platform (for all who read it) to lament on some of my pet peeves, most of which are pertinent in our industry.   Today’s gripe is to all independent hotels, who list an info email address (e.g. the best way to contact the hotel for all matters.  Since I’m an avid email user and one who avoids using the telephone like the plague, one can anticipate my frustration when I spend time to locate the “info” address, use it, and never get any sort of reply.  For then I’ve wasted that time and still have to make a phone call to find the more useful email address which will actually connect me to someone who can be useful to me.  For those hotels who use the info email address, please don’t continue to align its place in the world with the same black hole where missing socks flock to after the laundry.  Please make sure that the address is properly pointed to someone on staff who can ensure that its met with care.