Kids say the darndest things – that’s what they say.  And now that my near 21-month old son is quite the chatterbox, I am finally privy to this wonderful gift.  My son says the darndest things.  Surely there are times where we are amidst or about to enter a “time out” when he says something so utterly unique and disarming that there is no point in moving forward with the previous benign punishment of beying relegated to an arbitrary corner.  My son has clearly observed the language that my wife and I use when trying to calm him or prevent him from an all out tantrum.  And I’m flabbergasted that he’s been able to discern when to properly use certain words.  For example, when Eli is trying to figure something out but it’s taking longer than expected, like get a tiny cord to fit into a plug, or put two puzzle pieces together which don’t mesh, or some other task which requires a slow and deliberate process, Eli gets frustrated quickly (and loudly) and in his rush to scream out, before Jaime and I are able to properly guide or calm him, he blurts out, “PATIENCE!”  Are you kidding me?  It’s an advanced term for sure, but what blows my mind is that it provides such a mature introspection – to be able to distinguish between the cry of pain, or not getting one’s way, or just utter frustration.  I’m so proud of my kid – no matter how impatient he is!