Successful Meetings University – Colorado

These new industry events, generally hosted by a publication and which offer a more intimate, appointment based experience are all the rage right now.  For me, it’s an exceptional use of my time and I imagine for suppliers, they find a much higher return on their investment for shows like these.  Last week I was afforded the opportunity to join Successful Meetings event SMU Colorado at the Sheraton Denver for a quick two day event.  What I liked even more about this event than some of the other similarly modeled shows was that it was concentrated entirely on Colorado destinations.  For me, I was able to focus on only those meetings which I’ve brought or could bring to Colorado, clearing away the distraction of the other meetings I work on.  For two whole days my mind was open to the possibilities these incredible destinations could bring my client and it didn’t have to shift gears with each successive appointment.  If all industry meetings were built like this it would so suit my personality!

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