Urban Dictionary: Hotel Lobbyist

Breaking news.  According to the Urban Dictionary (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Hotel+lobbyist), there is such a thing as a Hotel Lobbyist and it may not necessarily refer to your favorite, friendly, site selector extraordinaire!  They describe such a being as “a guest who spends more time in the lobby than their room.  Usually talking to reception staff about uninteresting facts that nobody asked about.”

How appalling?!  And hardly!   No question I derive some pleasure in my travels from spending more time in the lobby of the hotel than the average hotel patron, but it is here, the epicenter of the beast that is the hotel, where one can properly discern the level of service that the guests are collectively receiving.  It is here where one can appreciate the harmonious operation as the lay guest passes from one department to another in a seamless dance.  It is here where one can observe the demand and flow of the food and beverage outlets.  It is here where one can meet other guests with whom one might have an awful lot in common beyond taste in hotels.

And I’m a hotel lobbyists for all those reasons and more.  I sit in hotel lobbies and I lobby the hotels for my clients.  It’s a simple as that.  If I make conversation with hotel staff, one can be assured it will not be about uninteresting facts.  It is about getting a real sense for the pulse and uniquities of that property.