Vacation with Toddlers

There should probably be another word in the English language that more accurately describes a trip when it’s a trip done with toddlers.  A vacation is defined as “a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel.”  Indeed this trip of ours to Orlando, populated by my wife and I, our toddler son, my brother-n-law and sister-n-law and their toddler daughter, was designed as a vacation.  Though we were staying in a popular convention hotel I was not here for that at all.  And although I would do work from time to time, this trip was not a work-trip by any means.  But to say that it was a “period of suspension of work” would be a farce for sure.  Dare I say a trip with toddlers is far more work than any work trip I could be on this year.  It’s non-stop work.  There are periods of intense enjoyment, no doubt, like when my son’s eyes lit up meeting Chip and Dale, Disney’s chipmunks, at Animal Kingdom; or when riding in the basket of our four legged bicycle trolley.  But there were also frequent moments of stress, like when trying to enjoy a meal in a restaurant directly after an unscheduled nap in the rental mini-van.  If this is vacation, well then we surely needed one immediately following!